The Archives

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The Archives include a library, photographic library and a collection of documents - including original and transcribed sources - that are available for consultation in Photostat or digital form.

The continually expanding library located at the association's premises in Milan is specialized in Modern art and contains an exceptional selection of reference sources related to the association's main research topics. The catalog of available publications can be consulted online, while use of the library and the borrowing of books is limited to members of the association. A second library, specialized in the art of de Chirico and Savinio, is located in Berlin. (Access to this library can be requested by email, but is strictly reserved to members of the association).


The association's growing collection of documents can be consulted by members, and includes a copy or at least a transcription of many documents related to the history and lives of the protagonists of the movement known as Metaphysical Art.

Amongst many other fascinating sources, one also finds copies of all of the known letters written by Giorgio de Chirico between 1909 and 1941; a copy of the Léonce Rosenberg Archives on de Chirico and Savinio (both letters and photographs); copies of the documents related to de Chirico and Savinio preserved in the Paul Guillaume Archives; copies of all documents related to de Chirico preserved in the archives of the Albert C. Barnes Foundation in Merion (PA), including his correspondence with Pierre Matisse and other art dealers of the era; copies of all correspondence related to de Chirico and the art dealers Alfred Flechtheim, Julien Levy, Pierre Matisse, Germain Seligmann (still to be completed); digital copies of texts by Alberto Savinio published in "La Stampa" between 1933 and 1942 that are not included in already published editions;


copies of the correspondence between de Chirico and the Reid & Lefevre Galleries in London (1937-1939); copies of the most important documents related to de Chirico preserved amongst the Soby Papers at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; copies of the correspondence between Giovanni Scheiwiller and Giorgio de Chirico, Isabella Pakszwer, Giuseppe Lo Duca, and others preserved in the Scheiwiller Archives at the APICE Centre, Università di Milano; copies of most of the correspondence related to de Chirico between Carlo Belli and Gino and Peppino Ghiringhelli preserved in the Archivio Belli at the MART Museum of Rovereto; copies of over 500 letters and manuscripts by de Chirico related to the years 1962 - 1968 preserved in a private archive in Rome.


The photographic library at the association's Milan offices, which is currently being re-catalogued, includes a vast number of photographic documents (both color and B&W prints), of works from the oeuvres of de Chirico and Savinio, as well as a wide selection of photographs of works by Balla, Boccioni, Carrà, Severini, Morandi and other protagonists of the 20th century.

The association's second photographic library in Berlin contains photographs of nearly 8.000 works by (or attributed to) de Chirico, as well as numerous works by Savinio and other Surrealist and Metaphysical artists. These photographic records are divided according to their subjects and chronological order. Access to the photographic library and related information is reserved for members only.

The activity of the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica is regulated by the Scientific Committee.