2009/12 Maurizio Calvesi retracts

Maurizio Calvesi retracts his position after ten years

Giorgio de Chirico - L'enigma velato (Giorgio de Chirico - the veiled enigma) by Claudio Crescentini was published by Edizioni Erreciemme (255 pp.) at the end of 2009. The volume is introduced with an essay by Maurizio Calvesi, and was conceived with the sole aim of promoting what remains of Calvesi's well known theories. In fact, it is worthy of mention only for the introduction in which, quite out of the blue, Calvesi discards more than thirteen years of unrelenting dispute surrounding the identification of the 1909 paintings referred to by de Chirico in a letter to his friend Fritz Gartz, dated 26 January 1910. Calvesi finally admits that the paintings are the very same works that Roos and Baldacci had identified as the first Metaphysical "enigmas", and justifies his previous arguments by claiming that "he was forced to believe that the two paintings had been lost" since "he thought that the [above mentioned] letter was dated to January 1910". From this comment one understands that he agrees with the debatable "demonstration" carried out by Paolo Picozza in the last volume of the journal "Metafisica". According to the president of the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation, the letter dated to the 26th of January 1910 was not written in January, but rather in December (1910), as the word "January" had been written in Latin and therefore expressed good wishes for the new year, and really meant "December". With this bizarre interpretation, all events occurring at the end of 1909, and even those events whose chronology was well proven and documented, were shifted forward a whole year. Read more about this debate and the correct interpretation of the facts in an essay by Gerd Roos, published in the catalogue of the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition.




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