2010/02 Florence: Palazzo Strozzi

De Chirico, Max Ernst, Magritte, Balthus - Uno sguardo nell'invisibile

(De Chirico, Max Ernst, Magritte, Balthus - Casting a Glance at the Invisible)

26 February - 18 July 2010


At the end of February 2010, the exhibition De Chirico, Max Ernst, Magritte, Balthus - Uno sguardo nell'invisibile,  curated by Paolo Baldacci, Guido Magnaguagno and Gerd Roos, would be inaugurated at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

Organised in collaboration with the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica, the exhibition included nearly 100 works placed in the majestic Renaissance setting of Palazzo Strozzi. Focusing on the theme of the revolutionary impact of de Chirico's art on Twentieth-century art, the exhibition explains the artist's influence on many of the most important Twentieth-century artists and pictorial styles through a clear, comprehensive system of captions. Other artists on exhibition included Carrà, Morandi, Savinio, Stoecklin, Roy and Nathan, were all selected for their position in a specific chronological period, which corresponds to a peak in the quality and creativity of both the period in art and the relative artists. Amongst the many reviews to be published, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung lauded the exhibition in a full page article published in its issue of Monday, April 26, page 31 - Gabriele Detterer, Superflow in Florenz.


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The illustrated catalogue of the show (225 pp.) was published by Edizioni Mandragora, Florence, and contains essays by P. Baldacci, M-C. Bandera, N. Cardano, T. Garst, U. Gerster, R. Kopp, G. Magnaguagno, F. Matitti, J. Pech, G. Roos, F. Rovati, W. Schmied, D. Schwarz. Two essays by Gerd Roos and Paolo Baldacci that we think may be useful in shedding some light on recent controversial issues and debates, are available as online editions, courtesy of Edizioni Mandragora.  

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