2010/04 Rome: Palazzo delle Esposizioni

La natura secondo de Chirico

On the 9th of April 2010, the exhibition La natura secondo de Chirico opened at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. The show was curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and ran until the 11th of July 2010.


The exhibition presented 143 works by the artist, grouped according to thematic categories and displayed in diachronic order, with only 9 works from the Metaphysical period on display. Since two current exhibitions dedicated to the artist's work were also opened simultaneously (one in Florence - see below - and another in Rome), a comparison between the different approaches taken in the presentation of de Chirico's oeuvre was inevitable. In Florence, the works were selected according to chronological, historical, and qualitative criteria, while in Rome the selection was purely thematic, with any chronological criteria being set aside so that original works, copies and remakes, all dating from varying periods, were juxtaposed without any clear rationale. The Roman exhibition received an overtly negative review by Renato Barilli in the Saturday, 24th of April issue of L'Unità (page 42).


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Furthermore, we feel that this exhibition and its catalogue are a prime example of a negative contribution to the understanding of an artist as complex as de Chirico. For a more comprehensive comment on this criticism, we invite you to read the review written for our website by Paolo Baldacci in the OPINION section of our website. (see Review of the exhibition in Rome)


For the opening of the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the "Corriere della Sera" asked Paolo Baldacci to write a brief article on de Chirico's political position between the two World Wars. This was published on the 9th of April 2010, on page 51, under the title chosen by the editor Corteggiò il fascismo ma per fragilità e candido opportunismo ("He did pursue Fascism, but only as a result of weakness and candid opportunism").

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