2010/07 The discovery of Evaristo de Chirico's birth certificate


We removed this item and relative comment from the website for two reasons:
Firstly, in relation to the subsequently published and more comprehensive article titled "The origins and history of the de Chirico family" (Published online in the News section in October 2011: 2011/10 - The origins and history of the de Chirico family), this article now appeared out-dated, and secondly, at the time of this article's publication it was still presumed that Giorgio Filigone de Chirico, the grandfather of the Dioscuri, had existed. Only later would it be discovered that this persona was actually a fictional character that represented both of the great-grandfather, Federico Maria's sons, one of whom had died at a very young age.
This said, we feel it is correct that we republish the article without any modifications to its original form, as it is important to mark the development of our continually evolving research - which continues to surprise us with new facts and therefore requires constant updating.
P. B.


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