2010/09: Evaristo de Chirico was born in Istanbul and not in Florence

For many years the Fondazione de Chirico has been trying to hinder the circulation of real facts regarding the origins of the De Chirico family. It is common knowledge that the family came from Southern Dalmatia and lived in Istanbul, however, according to the biography published in the catalogue of the exhibition La Natura Secondo De Chirico (Rome 2010), De Chirico's father, Evaristo was born in Florence, while his mother, Gemma Cervetto was a "noblewoman from Genoa".

Thorough research carried out this August in the Catholic parishes of Istanbul, compiled by the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica, brought the birth and christening certificates of Evaristo to light. These documents indicate Büyükdere as his birthplace, and the 21st of June 1841 as his official birth date.

A brief comment by Paolo Baldacci explains why it is in the interest of Art History to clarify the origins of the de Chirico family and the occupation of Giorgio and Alberto's ancestors.


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