2011/04 Böcklin, De Chirico and Nunziante on exhibition in Fiesole

Curated by Giovanni Faccenda, this exhibition is yet another example of how - thanks to the negligible capabilities of many of Italy's administrative bodies - no limit to the aesthetic and intellectual debasement of our nation exists. Included with the singular scope of adding his name to the exhibition title, the four works by the Master from Basel prove to be insignificant, while of the five works by de Chirico, two are almost certainly of questionable authenticity. For the rest, more than a painter, Nunziante is presented as if he were a mere pavement pastel artist.


Click on the following link to read Paolo Baldacci's comment in the Opinion section entitled: Una “Passeggiata” nelle ultime mostre.  Appunti sul “caso de Chirico” (A "Stroll" through recent exhibitions. Notes on the "de Chirico case")