2012/02 On the subject of dating the letter to 26.01.1910, yet again.

In a modest, yet acrimonious scientific contribution - published in the 9/10 number of the 2010 edition of the "Metafisica" journal, printed in December 2011 - titled Betraying de Chirico: la falsificazione della storia di de Chirico negli ultimi quindici anni, Paolo Picozza, prompted by the publication of both an article by Gerd Roos' in the catalogue of the Florentine exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi (2010) and the Proceedings of the Research Seminar on the origins and development of Metaphysical art (Milan, October 2010), returns to the longstanding, and I would say somewhat stale subject of de Chirico's famous letter to Gartz of 26 January 1910.
With his claim that up until now Roos and Baldacci had not yet provided a detailed response that demonstrated - with all the necessary photographic documentation and facts - that the date "1910" on the abovementioned letter was really written by de Chirico, Picozza reiterates his erroneous interpretation, going on to sustain his affirmation with abounding accusations - some of which are simply ridiculous, while others are highly offensive - , according to which the President and vice President of our association act not only out of their hate for de Chirico and their desire to discredit the artist's name, but also with the aim of "falsifying" his history for insidious motives and above all, for their own personal gain (see the following item in the NEWS section containing Paolo Baldacci's "Open-letter"). The elegance of Picozza's discourse is crowned with an anthology of de-contextualized phrases and sentences taken from many articles written over the years by Baldacci and Roos, which supposedly reveal the authors' lack of regard and total disrespect for de Chirico. Here, no comment is required.
In truth, Baldacci and Roos had announced and provided Picozza with a detailed response, which was duly sent to the internationally renowned "Burlington Magazine" in London in October 2009. The magazine did not however see the importance of the piece, considering it to be too technical and perhaps too long. With total serenity and in the knowledge that their affirmations were founded, Baldacci and Roos chose to move on, dedicating their time to other matters instead of focusing on showing up their friend Picozza. Unfortunately the authors' diplomacy would not be welcomed, as Picozza - who was clearly in the wrong - would obstinately insist on the matter.
On the premise that the text was written two years ago, in the autumn of 2009, and does not include subsequent developments regarding letters found in libraries in Milan and Florence and observations on the drawing inspired by Raphael (these developments would be reported later on in the Conference Proceedings "Origin e Sviluppi dell'Arte Metafisica. Milano e Firenze 1909-1911 e 1919-1922" - see PUBLICATIONS), here we publish the essay written by Baldacci and Roos in 2009, which - with only a few photographs - proves beyond doubt that the script "Januar 1910" was written by de Chirico himself and not by his mother, thus inviting the acrimonious President of the Fondazione de Chirico to rest his case.

Download the text: L'inizio dell'arte metafisica: Milano 1909 o Firenze 1910? Le ragioni di una disputa.