2012/02 Baldacci responds to Picozza's attack

The most recent number of "Metafisica", the journal compiled and edited by the Fondazione Giorgio and Isa de Chirico, (N. 9/10 of the year 2010, printed in December 2011), contains two violent attacks on the President and the Vice President of our Association, Paolo Baldacci and Gerd Roos. The first article is signed by Paolo Picozza while the second piece is anonymous; however it is clear that the piece was written by the same hand. These attacks are clearly directed at our scientific and editorial activities; however they overstep the accepted limits of any civilized exchange and even of the most vivacious critical debate.
The hypothesis expressed in the two pieces includes the intimation that Baldacci and Roos composed an intentionally distorted and falsified document regarding the life of Giorgio de Chirico in order to discredit the artist's public image and invalidate the artist's judgments on his own work, thus favoring the diffusion of recently produced or released forgeries - or even to favor the circulation of those forgeries yet to be released onto the market - attributed to de Chirico.
This incredibly defamatory affirmation is clearly expressed, and is particularly obvious in the second, anonymous article, which concludes a selection of photographs depicting paintings and drawings, some of which are in fact authentic but have not been recognized as such by the Fondazione, accompanied by brief texts and presented in a partial, suggestive manner with the blatant intent of damaging Paolo Baldacci's reputation.
In response to Picozza's accusations, Baldacci wrote an "open-letter" - that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below - that will be given as much exposure as possible. Over and above its function of providing sincere, concise yet exhaustive explanations for each of the episodes called into question by the President of the Fondazione de Chirico, this document stresses the unavoidable need for the setting of moral standards in relation to the "Giorgio de Chirico case" - in all of its complexity. It also solicits urgent responses, as well as revealing the true motivations of the frontier-less battle that the Fondazione and its president have declared against Paolo Baldacci, Gerd Roos and the "Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica".

Download the open-letter