2012/04 A letter from Nikos Velissiotis

The Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica considers the development of constructive discussions - triggered by our stance on unresolved issues and controversial subjects related to the history and interpretation of Metaphysical art and its protagonists - to be an extremely positive channel for exchange. In fact, on the 17th of April 2012 we received a lengthy contribution that touched on the already considerable debate surrounding "the date and place of birth" of this new art, as well as other aspects related to the subject. The author - Nikos Velissiotis - presents himself as "a simple scholar who has only recently began to study the life of Giorgio de Chirico, simply because of their shared birthplace: the Greek city of Volos." All of this is absolutely true: one cannot define Velissiotis as an art historian, but rather as a passionate scholar of the "cult of matter", and it should therefore not come as a surprise to find naïve and at times extravagant expressions and personal evaluations in his contribution. This said, we feel that the contribution should be published, not only because this was explicitly requested by the author, but above all because we believe that everyone should be free to participate in this debate as and how he or she wishes, even if some opinions may be highly antagonistic or dissenting. This said, a response or comment would be superfluous as Velissiotis - in his own original way - repeats and summarizes a series of longstanding and well known subjects of debate without proving any of the points he would have liked to confirm, or expressing any novel thoughts. We are sure that his contribution will find the echo and resonance that it merits.

Letter from Velissiotis 17/04/2012