2012/07 Amendments

Subsequent to the publication of Paolo Baldacci's "Comment" on Professor Picozza's response to his "Open-letter", the Fondazione de Chirico included the following addition in the end notes of Picozza's article entitled Betraying de Chirico. The Falsification of Giorgio de Chirico's Life History over the Last Fifteen Years and published in the English version of N. 9/10 of the "Metafisca" journal:

Following this essay's publication in the periodical's Italian edition, Paolo Baldacci finally formally acknowledged 26 December 1910 as the correct date of the letter written by Giorgio de Chirico in Florence and sent to Fritz Gartz (instead of 26 January 1910). Baldacci's recognition was posted as a "comment" on the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica's website in May 2012. Consequently, there can be no further doubt as to the absolute truthfulness of de Chirico's autobiographical writings. The same is to be said for the historical accuracy regarding the place (Florence) and date (1910) of the discovery of Metaphysical Art, as well as Giorgio de Chirico's sole paternity of this invention.

In that the affirmations made in this end note do not correspond to what is stated in Paolo Baldacci's "Comment", or to his historically proven conclusions, our President sent Professor Paolo Picozza the following response:

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Page 399 of the same number of the "Metafisica" journal (English version) features another, just as distorted - if not more so - summary of the "admission of guilt" that relates to works published by myself or those that have passed through my hands over the last 35 years, an "admission of guilt" which I supposedly declared in my open-letter. When removed from their chronological context and distanced from the circumstances of each individual case, the facts and their hurried last minute inclusion in this number of "Metafisica" is a clear demonstration of defamatory intent, which is not even slightly veiled. In fact, in order to indicate me as the only black sheep or scapegoat in this debate, the true protagonists of the many errors in academic statements and attributions (some of which are still linked to Prof. Picozza) are forgotten, and the identity of those responsible for cases that have had an impact on the entire market remain hidden. Congratulations for this sense of balance, justice, respect for the truth and ... fair play.