2013/09. Conclusion of the Baldacci trial. Letter from the President to all of the Archives’ members

Following the conclusion of the legal case in which I was accused of receiving stolen property and the sale of four paintings signed by de Chirico, in late July the motivations behind the Appeals Court verdict were filed. The charges laid against me related to events involving these four works, which took place respectively in 1995-6 and 2000-2001. The Court of First instance would find me guilty and sentence me to one year and eight months with remitted penalty; while the Appeals Court acquitted me on the basis of limits of prescription. However -, notwithstanding the fact that the legal charges filed against me had exceeded time limit stipulated by the laws of prescription before the Court of First Instance had passed its judgement -, in relation to the first charge (which dated to 1995-6), the Appeals Court stated that the falsity of all four works had been amply demonstrated by expert witnesses Giovanna Dalla Chiesa and Ester Coen, and that I was therefore guilty. In this context, and given that the Courts denied me the only possibility I had to prove my innocence and the accuracy of my historical reconstruction - which depended on a Court order appointing new, unbiased assessors to compile a second expert's report -, I have decided to publish some of the documents relating to the investigation and certain records from the trial, including the allegations of forgery undersigned by Jole De Sanna and Paolo Picozza, and the official experts Giovanna Dalla Chiesa and Ester Coen. By the end of November, our readers will be able to access and consider a realistic picture of the situation, including all of the facts regarding my true responsibilities and eventual errors, but also of the persecution inflicted on me by Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico for more than fifteen years.


My letter to the members and the Scientific Committee of the Archives (which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below), provides a general overview of the story, while more exhaustive details and historic reconstructions will be provided in news entries to follow.





Letter from the President to the Scientific Committee and all of the Archives’ members