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:: Monsieur Dudron

At the end of 2010, the Scientific Committee of the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica decided to direct a part of its research towards a systematic investigation of one of the least known periods in the artistic career of Giorgio de Chirico: the 1930's.

This initiative was named "project Dudron", or better "De Chirico in the era of Monsieur Dudron", in as much as Monsieur Dudron, the autobiographical character who figures as protagonist in this so-called "novel" - begun in circa 1934 and never finished -, reveals many of the major contradictions that were so characteristic of the artist at the beginning of his decline, both intellectual and personal.
The first phase of this research project, in its broadest sense, foresaw the realization of a complete, critically annotated version of all narrative works involving the character of Monsieur Dudron. This edition would be published on the Archive's website for online consultation by both scholars and the public, while in a subsequent step in this first phase, printed versions of a series of monographic volumes focused on the analysis of related groups of documents or individual pictorial works that could shed light on the developments of this period would be published, thus contributing greatly to the compilation of a Catalogue Raisonné of the Pictorial Oeuvre of Giorgio de Chirico - an initiative that the Archive considers to be one of its most important tasks, especially considering the numerous discrepancies found in Claudio Bruni's General Catalog and the sometimes inconclusive opinions expressed by the de Chirico Foundation.

In November 2012 the first phase of the project was concluded: the critical edition of "Monsieur Dudron" was published for online consultation, as were the first two monographic volumes, edited by Flavia Matitti and Gerd Roos, which explore the artistic activity as well as de Chirico's market relations between 1937 and 1939 (see the Publications section).

The criteria followed in the compilation of this critical edition, and details that could be useful in its consultation, are explained in the subsections into which the research project was divided: The History and Chronology of the text; Synoptic texts; Appendix. 


The publication of The Critical edition of Monsieur Dudron, initiated by the Archivio dell'Arte Metafisica under the direction of Gerd Roos, was developed by Gerd Roos and Martin Weidlich in collaboration with Emiliana Biondi and Nicol Mocchi. Technical assistance was provided by Lalla Pellegrino and Max Dolcini of Studio 23esimo, while the translation and editing of the Italian version and all final revisions were overseen by Paolo Baldacci.