Carrà tra Futurismo e Metafisica

by Federica Rovati
Milan, 2011
ISBN-13: 9788889546222
Format 21 x 28 cm
208 pages b/w

This collection of Federica Rovati’s essays, with the addition of two new pieces, is dedicated to the singular facets of Carlo Carrà’s pictorial activity and writings between 1915 and 1921. While critics have generally interpreted Carrà’s story as a sequence of successive seasons (Futurist, Primitivist and Metaphysical), each consumed and archived in rapid sequence, these studies attempt to verify the more intimate reasons for the painter’s work, in which sediments of Futurism persist despite his declared detachment from Marinetti’s movement, while a slow stratification of readings and personal reflections prepare and motivate his encounter with de Chirico’s Metaphysics from an original perspective. An important reading that after many years, marks the rebirth of serious commitment to the research and study of this artist’s persona and work.