Examination ok works

A Commission has been set up to examine the works of Giorgio de Chirico. The Commission is composed of Professors Paolo Baldacci and Fernando Mazzocca, assisted, when necessary, by the technical consultants responsible for Diagnostic Investigations.

The Commission examines works of any kind that, in its sole discretion, relate to the period 1908-1943. The Commission also examines oil paintings on canvas depicting metaphysical subject matter, which according to its unquestionable judgement refer to the period 1944-1949.

The Commission may, if it deems it necessary, avail itself of the advice of other experts, either external or already part of the Scientific Council of the Archive.

In order for a work to be accepted for examination, a high-resolution color photographic documentation of the front and back of the work must first be sent and a form must be completed containing all the technical data and information known about the work’s provenance and date of purchase.

The Commission reserves the right, at its discretion, to define a preliminarily selection of works that it does not consider useful to examine (either because they are clearly not attributable to de Chirico or because they are from a different period). An estimate of costs will be sent for the works to be examined, which must be signed off for acceptance. 


In collaboration with publisher Allemandi of Turin, The Archive of Metaphysical Art is currently in the process of publishing its Catalogue Raisonné of Giorgio de Chirico’s oeuvre (1908-1943), which will consist of 6 volumes containing 36 Dossiers, each of approximately 200 pages. Not all works previously included in other catalogues or publications will be included in our Catalogue Raisonné, be it due to lacking requirements or case-specific reasons that may be specified at the discretion of the Catalogue’s editors and the Commission. 

If you would like to know whether a work will be published in the Catalogue Raisonné, please follow the instructions outlined in the page dedicated to the Catalogue Raisonné. If the work has not yet been archived and requires further investigation, please follow the instructions given here. If the work has already been archived but is not included in the Catalogue Raisonné, the editors and Commission reserve the right to communicate this.