Studi OnLine is a biannual scientific journal, founded by Paolo Baldacci and Gerd Roos, which is published in two issues per year or double issues by the end of January of the year following the year of issue. In addition to the Scientific Council, collaborators and members of the Archivio, the publication is open to authors who wish to submit a valid scientific contribution that corresponds with the periodical’s field of interest: metaphysical art in all its pictorial and literary expressions, and its influences on the cultural history of the twentieth century, with particular attention to related artistic movements such as Dadaism, Surrealism, Magic Realism, etc. The journal aims to raise awareness and disseminate new studies and research in order to create an open space for scholars to compare and deepen their scientific knowledge. Publication of articles is subject to single-blind scientific review and approval by management and the Scientific Council. The official languages of the magazine are English, Italian, French and German.