Since the creation of the Archivio dell’Arte Metafisica, the first edition of this new website included a section entitled NEWS, which was soon followed by a section entitled OPINIONS.
The NEWS section, arranged in chronological order of the contributions, was devoted to critical notes, some of them very controversial, regarding conferences, exhibitions, events, or articles that seemed to us violating both common sense and good taste, and the scientific correctness that should guide any research or manifestation of culture.
Our more than ten-year-long controversy with Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico has thus flowed into the NEWS section, often in the form of bickering that was continually settled as the discussion progressed and the arguments increased.
The OPINIONS column was instead destined to more wide-ranging interventions on more culturally relevant themes, such as the criticism of the Bompiani edition of Giorgio de Chirico’s writings, or the great exhibition La natura secondo de Chirico [Nature according to de Chirico] curated by Achille Bonito Oliva in Rome.
Today, and especially after Baldacci intervened in the January 2016 NEW section, entitled Passo e chiudo, [Over and out], the provocative formula of the column has lost much of its raison d’être, and has even become difficult to follow, as it would require a continuous back-and-forth between our interventions and the events that provoked them (articles in the magazine “Metafisica”, exhibition catalogues etc.).
We think the last paper in this series will remain Gerd Roos’ July 2018 paper, entitled: Zur “intellectual honesty” von Paolo “il bugiardo” Picozza, in which our vice-president felt he had to refute with ample demonstrations all the falsehoods recently written about him by the president of the de Chirico Foundation.
The issues that divide us from the de Chirico Foundation and our different historiographical approach are not only well known to all of the scholars who follow us, but above all deserve to be developed in greater depth and on a higher level.
It must also be said that the release of ‘Studi Online’ in 2014 made both previous columns less necessary.
We have therefore decided to keep only the OPINIONS section alive in a new form, preserving the three most important and still topical articles: Baldacci’s essay on de Chirico the writer (2009), Baldacci and Roos’ critique of the edition of the Scritti edited by Andrea Cortellessa (2009) and the critique of the exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni (2010).
Everything else has not been deleted but remains available for consultation, as our historical memory, in the 2009-2018 Archive of Opinions & News.
The column OPINIONS will continue with future contributions already under consideration and above all with book reviews.