Giorgio de Chirico. Interno metafisico (Nature morte) luglio-agosto 1933

Contributi al catalogo di Giorgio de Chirico. Dossier I
edited by Paolo Baldacci and Gerd Roos
Milan, 2011
ISBN-13: 9788889546185
Format 21 x 28 cm
66 pages in colour and b/w

The first volume of the series, titled Contributi al catalogo di Giorgio de Chirico, examines all of de Chirico’s historical works (1909-1943) that are certainly authentic, but were declared to be forgeries by the author or the Foundation that legally represents him.
In the style of a crime novel, the authors tell the incredible story of a work painted by de Chirico in Paris during the Summer of 1933, and subsequently declared to be a fake by the Foundation’s experts. The events relating to the painting are meticulously reconstructed with precise documentary evidence. A unique example of historical research, and both technical and stylistic investigation, the book also offers an in-depth overview of de Chirico’s artistic life between the 1930s and 1940s and begins to shed light on the phenomenon of backdated metaphysical replicas and variants, as well as the first appearance of metaphysical fakes on the American and French markets.